Content Marketing

Ideas made to share.

Need to build awareness? We create content that educates, inspires, and begs to be shared. We help you attract leads & overcome your content challenges. Think of us as the fire-starters for all of your marketing campaigns—from email to social to video and everythign in between.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves the production, execution and delivery of high quality content for the purposes of engaging your audience, building brand awareness, and driving new visitors, leads and potential customers to your website. It is used to nurture your prospective customers through the purchasing cycle until they’re ready to make their final purchasing decision.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Turn your website into a magnet. Replace ‘advertising’ with ‘content marketing’ – unless your website, blog, downloads and social media interactions tell prospects why you’re the best, you’re never going to make a sale. It doesn’t matter if you’re a global multinational or locally-focused SME; content marketing is a proven and powerful way to market your business online.


Our Content Marketing Services

Content Production

Today’s consumer craves for information. They expect to interact and engage with a business at multiple touch points throughout their buying cycle before they make the  purchase of your products or services.

We offer content production across all the digital delivery methods: websites, blogs, e-newsletters, videos, infographics, white papers, e-books and more. We act as your strategists, editors, producers and quality assurance officers.

Content Planning

You wouldn’t build your new website without a site-map, so nor should you go about creating content without a clear strategy on how to deliver it. We have an experienced team of content strategists who work with your business to develop strategies that are tailor made to your content and business goals.

Content Amplification

Creating highly engaging branded content is the half way mark. Without using strategic distribution and content amplification actions, even your very best content can fail to reach your business’s target audience.
Developing and implementing amplification strategies allows brands to place their content 
on other sites, where people are looking for something new to discover. 

At Spinfluence we know what it takes for a content strategy to be successful. We must invest as much time and energy into creating engaging content as we do distribution and amplification.


Content Performance Analytics

Information is key to the success of your content marketing strategy, knowing what is working and what is not on your website or social platform can be the difference between winning and loosing. We track the performance of all our content and get to work crunching the data and providing you with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that identify new opportunities and to be certain we are meeting your expectations.

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