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How Much Does an Inbound Marketing/Hubspot Consultant Cost?

How Much Does an Inbound Marketing/Hubspot Consultant Cost?

Inbound Marketing is on the rise and for good reason, it works, small and medium size businesses engaged in long term Inbound Marketing campaigns are feeling the positive impact it can have on their websites traffic which of course leads to an increase in sales. With this increase in activity around inbound marketing the demand for highly skilled consultants that understand both the Hubspot platform and inbound marketing best practices for any type of business has taken a sharp rise.

In light of the above many businesses are attempting IM along with the help of the Hubspot platform, but many businesses find it difficult to get the ball rolling and really don’t see the results they thought they would and are often left thinking if they should continue down the IM path, and the main culprits that start this negative thought pattern? I don’t have the time, I cant get the most from the software, I don’t have a clear inbound strategy.

If your experiencing the above chances are your looking to engage the assistance of an Inbound Marketing/Hubspot consultant and would like to know what type of costs maybe involved. As you may understand there are a several factors that we need to be taken into consideration, some of these I have outlined below.

In-House or Outsource

The success of an IM comes down to the businesses ability to put in place a simple strategy, plus their ability to implement such things as content creation, website enhancements for the lead generation, social media tactics, performance analytics etc etc. When a business fully embraces IM and makes every member of the business part of the marketing team the results are magnified, to get to that point takes a lot of internal change and many businesses don’t want to rock the boat so to speak so they hire a consultant or agency to roll out and manage their IM campaigns.

The choice of In-House or Outsource is really one only you can answer, you can always use a combination of both. Of course the more you can take on internally the less your going to invest in outsourcing.

Retainer Solutions or 1 Time Set Up

Most Hubspot Partners and IM consultants/agencies gear their pricing around a retainer based system and conduct a set of strategies and tactics up to a level in which the clients budget will allow. This approach yields the best results as the agency or consultant is hands on and working the project daily, but for many small business with a limited marketing budget there money can be invested in a 1 time Inbound Strategy workshop along with the set up of their Hubspot platform in preparation for them to roll out their campaigns.

Here at Spinfluence we tailor our retainer solutions around the needs of each client and their budgets. Our retainer solutions start from $5750 per month and our 1 time set up and strategy workshop start from $3-$4k 

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How many Inbound Marketing tactics?

Maintaining a successful IM strategy and rolling out all the tactics can take a considerable amount of work and staff time, especially larger companies. Some of the main strategies to a successful inbound marketing program are:

  • Blogging
  • Web Site Optimisation
  • Call to Actions
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media
  • Content (whitepapers-ebooks-videos)
  • SEO

There are many other tactics but the above are basically the backbone of IM and required for success.

A Shameless Plug: Spinfluence has the ability to not only create the content required, we know a thing or two about website design and optimisation too. We are lucky in that we can tackle every facet of an inbound marketing roll out.


How much consulting is enough?

This really all depends on the needs of the client and how aggressive their growth goals are, some small businesses only want a few skype or phone meetings to get them off and running, where some require ongoing assistance as they restructure their entire business around the inbound marketing method.

Keeping in mind all the facets discussed you’ll realise it’s very difficult to give and exact cost of a Hubspot/Inbound Marketing consultant without first understanding the business needs and goals, but as stated above our starting retainer solutions are $5750 per month and this price is the entry level standard charged by most agencies throughout the world.

If you would like to get an exact cost or simply of questions about Inbound or Hubspot, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you on the double.

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