5 Companies With Video Marketing You’ll Want to Copy

HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound report is a 46-page behemoth of valuable insights. But to us, one theme stands out from the rest - the importance of video marketing for brands and businesses of all sizes.

The report found that 48% of marketers intend to use YouTube as a content distribution channel within the next year, and 46% intend to use Facebook video. Considering the fact that 80% of content online will be video by the year 2019, this isn’t surprising.

Videos are a swiss army knife of content. They can be used for countless marketing purposes, like building a relationship with your sales team, solving common problems, displaying your product features or promoting your company culture. And remember, it’s often said that the play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.

If you intend to use video marketing this year, we recommend learning from the best. Here are five companies with video marketing you’ll want to copy.

1. Wistia

Who are they? Video hosting service.

What are they good at? Brand building through storytelling.

What better place to start than with the people who run the game? Video hosting service, Wistia, live and breathe the medium. So as you’d expect, their own video marketing program is exceptional. While it’s rarely big-budget or high production, Wistia know that the essential ingredient to any successful video is a story.

Some of our favourite Wistia videos fit nicely into the ‘company culture’ category. Take this one for example, in which Wistia employees filmed their own video sections to create an engaging and authentic company story:

Recruit More Hires with These 4 Simple Company Culture Videos | Wistia Blog

The video takes viewers into the homes of Wistia employees, and does a great job in communicating what the brand is all about: its people (even their team page is a collection of staff GIFs!). The crowdsourced content model, whereby staff members each film their own video sections, just goes to show that you don’t need perfect lighting to produce great video content. 

2. Moz

Who are they? SEO software company.

What are they good at? Making complex ideas easily digestible.

Another veteran in the video marketing space, Moz have found a successful format with their Whiteboard Friday series, and they’re sticking to it. Hosted by search demigod Rand Fishkin, Whiteboard Friday videos take often-complex ideas and make them easily digestible with the help of a visual backdrop.

For example, this video on ‘Pop-Ups, Overlays, Modals, Interstitials and How They Interact with SEO’ would be a daunting blog post at the best of times. With the help of an explainer video to visualise this technical information, Moz ensure their audience sticks around and doesn’t bounce out of frustration. They also include a transcript beneath the video to gain editorial SEO value, which is advisable for your problem-solving video content.

3. BambooHR

Who are they? HR software company.

What are they good at? Highlighting the benefits of their platform in an engaging way.

BambooHR is a perfect use case for how video can bring your product to life. Instead of listing the features of their HR software, Bamboo have created short, snackable and engaging feature videos.

The video format allows BambooHR to zero in on the pain points of their target audience, painting a real-life picture of the problems their software solves.

4. InVision

Who are they? Design prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform.

What are they good at? Creating snackable content that solves specific problems.

As a design company, it’s no surprise that InVision’s videos are beautifully produced. However, they don’t only paint a pretty picture, but also tap into the appeal of snackable video content.

The ‘Design Snacks’ series on their YouTube channel addresses specific problems of their audience, like how to improve design presentations, and uses short videos answer them. InVision understand that shorter often means better for video content, which is especially true on social media.

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5. Travelport Locomote

Who are they? Corporate travel management software.

What are they good at? Using video as a lead generation tool.

One of our key clients, Travelport Locomote have discovered the power of video content in lead generation, with their ‘C-Suite Strategies for Effective Travel Management’ video series. Hosted by the CFO of Travelport Locomote, viewers can only access the gated series by offering their contact information.

Of course, this strategy works best with video content that is of specific and burning interest to your target audience. However, Travelport Locomote have included an introductory video on their landing page, which contextualises the series and entices visitors to see more.

Video is being used more and more creatively by all kinds of businesses, and as HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017 report reveals, the show is only just beginning.

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