Why Your B2B Content Marketing Method Isn’t Working

Do you have the correct content for every stage of your buying process?
If not, you aren’t alone. In fact, Tomorrow People’s research shows more than half of marketers (51%) don’t have digital content to cover each and every stage of the buying journey.

Not only that, but most marketers surveyed in the same study (55%) didn’t feel they were achieving the maximum ROI and 48% were disappointed with the leads their inbound marketing is currently bringing in.

More, More, More…

…is what marketers think when they start planning content. Many marketers tend to believe consistent production of countless blog posts and infographics is the right place to start for content that draws in new leads.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong…

The money-consuming elephant of blindly producing endless content is actually more harmful than helpful for a business website. Marketers sadly watch their budget evaporate with little or no ROI to show for it.

Building a Brand

Instead of worrying about the number of articles or the amount of content you produce each month, focus on:

Business Persona – Who are you as a company and how will you relate to your audience? Target Audience – If you don’t know who you are serving, how do you know what their business pains are?

Audience Needs – What materials, topics and content types are your viewers are looking for? Where do they spend time – blogs, forums, social media, etc.?

Build a Funnel – Short, fact-driven content draws in new leads who are starting their research process. The middle of the funnel will include more in-depth analysis of your reader’s pain and content for the bottom of the funnel with help push the buying decision.

Cover Your Levels

You will need content that covers any angle a reader might enter your sales funnel from. You will also need to include supporting content that binds your funnel levels together. And, don’t simply provide stagnant blog posts and expect leads to stumble onto them, but drip-feed your content through emails as well.

Have a clear, concise and attractive CTA/offer for each content piece
Focus your CTA on how you can provide additional help for your visitor
Consider A/B testing to ensure your content is hitting the mark
Make sure landing page content matches the link your leads are following
Don’t attach strings to your offers that will distract or put off a prospects.

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