Marketing Advice for Financial Advisors –Part 1


Marketing Financial Services is a challenging activity for most small to medium sized firms, lack of resources and sometimes budget restraints have a negative impact on the lead generation required to grow the business.

We encourage financial advisors first and foremost to increase their activity within their internal or out-sourced marketing team, your potential clients have really changed their discovery process and recent statistics state that a staggering 81% of clients now conduct high-level research online before making their final commitment.  That being said keeping up with the latest marketing trends in order to capture more of that 81% is no easy feat.

If you feel your already doing a great job then stop now and don’t read on, if you feel your marketing might be a little on the stale side then it’s time experiment with some fresh up to date marketing strategies.

Before I we dive into some suggested strategies for you, we advise you that you should make sure that you have created your firms Buyer Personas as these are key to the success of your marketing efforts.

What are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal client that assist in the strategy and execution of a more targeted marketing campaign. Although semi-fictional, they are based on real data, behaviors, and demographics learned through customer interviews and polls.

You can download our Buyer Persona Power-point workbook here if you don’t already have one.

Ok so you have you personas created now take a look at some of the strategies we suggest for 2014.

Mobile Responsive Marketing

By the end of 2015 more Australian’s will access websites via their mobile device, and for this very reason we suggest that your web presence is mobile responsive – meaning that your websites detects the end users device and adapts the viewing experience accordingly.


Most of you may already be doing this which is great but you needs to take things to the next level and blog more consistently and optimizing the posts correctly for the greatest impact. In this section we seek to draw the big picture that highlights the benefits of business blogging. We will elaborate on the different aspects in which your blog can bring you marketing success, from expanding your visibility on the web through creating a strong influence in the industry to effectively capturing new leads for the business.

First, business blogging helps you in respect to search engine optimization (SEO). The more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages you create for search engines to display in their results. In other words, business blogging helps you rank in search engines and get found when people search for industry-specific services that you provide. Thus the blog enables you to attract organic traffic and familiarize people with your business. 

Frequency Matters we suggest that firms write at minimum 2 blog posts per week, businesses who blog 16 to 20 times per month get over two times more traffic than those who blog less than four times per month. Use your blog as a platform to showcase your expertise on a given subject. Inject your knowledge of the industry into your blog posts and make a clear distinction between your brand and your competition.


Are usually in-depth reports on a specific topic, like a research paper intended for publication on the Web. Typically at least 10 pages in length with illustrations, charts and references, the average whitepaper is not designed for casual browsing and usually requires several readings to glean the full extent of its information. Readers expect a high degree of expertise backed by solid research that is fully documented by references. It can take days or even weeks to write and polish a good whitepaper.

Whitepapers are usually serious in tone and professional in appearance. You can expect your readers to include people who are considering your services, so you want to make sure your whitepapers are written well, edited well and formatted to represent your brand on the highest level. Some members of your business may occasionally feel that giving away free information can be a negative but in actual fact it is a huge positive for the business if executed correctly you are seen as thought leader and a specialist in the field.

Video Marketing

This strategy is gaining more traction every month with no signs of slowing down, as the NBN rolls out the demand for content will quadruple. Video now represents over 50% of Internet traffic. Simple videos of your advisors answering some common questions for your potential clients, is great way to build thought leadership. These videos don’t need to be large-scale productions, just a nice backdrop from somewhere in the office and little mood lighting.


In the age of cheap pre-prepared content, stock images and off the shelf marketing packages there is now a deep longing for a more personalized approach to marketing. More and more businesses are searching for ways to make a real connection through their digital channels such as their websites. So drop the stock images on your website or blog posts and replace them with real imagery from your office, community and advisors to show a more personal representation of the firm.

We hope that one of the above strategies has a positive impact on your business and drives more leads. We’ll back next week with part 2.

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