From 25 to 400 Leads in Just 5 Months Using Growth Driven Design

Buildsoft is an Australian technology company simplifying construction with estimating and takeoff software. They’ve been doing it for over 30 years, and they’ve been doing it well. So well, in fact, that many universities and colleges around the world teach Buildsoft technology solutions as the standard.

So with a respected and reputable brand, an enviable history as industry pioneers, and a damn good product, Buildsoft had all the ingredients for online success.

Unfortunately, they lacked the recipe.

That’s where we stepped in; with aprons on and a hearty serving of Growth Driven Design in the oven. And with a 93% increase in lead volume in just 6 months, it came out tasting a treat.

The Challenge

Buildsoft were making products that construction industry professionals wanted. But they weren’t making it easy to find them. With little to no SEO value, their website wasn’t attracting the right traffic, and visitors who did find it had to wade through seven pages to see a demonstration of the software.

Simply put, the site wasn’t designed for lead capture and conversion, and the user experience was disrupted by irrelevant and outdated information at every turn.

Buildsoft’s website wasn’t responsive, either, despite the small (HUGE) fact that 40% of their traffic was coming from mobile devices.

After putting these issues under the microscope with, Google Analytics and, it was clear we needed to take a tear-it-down and start again approach, using the Growth Driven Design methodology to make an impact.

Our Goals

We wanted to attract the right visitors to the Buildsoft site, and for them do what we wanted when they got there.

Our five primary goals were to;

  1. Improve the user experience
  2. Drive visit to lead conversions
  3. Reduce bounce rate
  4. Automate
  5. Set the stage for global expansion

Our GDD Initiatives

This UX, SEO, and CRO facelift began when we migrated the Buildsoft site from Wordpress to HubSpot.

We then went live with a launchpad site, and began to meticulously test (and tirelessly re-test) every element of every page until the site was a well-oiled conversion machine.

For us, Growth Driven Design wasn’t only about the visitor - we also saw an opportunity to streamline Buildsoft’s business practices through HubSpot automation and integration. We implemented a fully integrated eCommerce engine using Shopify embed codes within HubSpot, and also through Xero for generating invoices and streamlining client onboarding.

The Buildsoft site became as sophisticated as it was successful. We directly targeted Buildsoft’s buyer personas with distinctive dynamic content on the homepage, and using HubSpot’s smart field capability, changed contact phone numbers on site depending on the visitor’s Country IP.

We also used an integration with Go To Meeting to introduce product training webinars, which have enjoyed consistent engagement.

Our Successes

Within five months of starting our Growth Driven Design journey with Buildsoft, we;

  • Increased lead volume by 93%
  • Increased visit-to-lead conversion rate from 0.6% to 5.07%
  • Increased site visits by 47%
  • Increased page views by 23%

These numbers are a product of everything from minor copy amendments to introducing comprehensive resources and training pages. For the CRO geeks among us, it’s heartening to see how a simple CTA change from “Get a demo” to “Get a trial” can drive an explosive increase in lead volume.

How explosive? 400%, that kind of explosive.

Always be Learning

Luke Summerfield outlines a four-step cycle in making Growth Driven Design improvements to a website; plan, build, learn, transfer. We believe a more accurate cycle looks like; plan, build, learn, sweat, transfer.

A CTA with zero clicks (“Talk to Sales” - we should have known) isn’t easy to swallow. But the truth is, Growth Driven Design isn’t about the quick wins. You have to live and breath continuous improvement, own your successes and embrace your failures. As Mr Bill Gates wisely puts it, “Success is a lousy teacher.”


We can’t wait to learn more because we know the Growth Driven Design framework depends on it.

If you’re reading this post, more than likely you're well aware your website is not performing at it's best. Let's turn that around, let us buy you a coffee or request a quote here.

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