Are There Any Expected Changes In Today’s Digital Storytelling?

At this point in the game, we're all deeply immersed in our digital storytelling tools/devices that it's slightly tricky to anticipate the arrival of significant change.

Notwithstanding, we've got some hunches about how digital media (as a whole) would evolve this year. They are as follows:

Spontaneous Storytelling

There will be a return to the original idea of "in-the-moment" updates as it pertains to storytelling. If you can remember, the original idea of social media tools was rooted in and geared towards live updates shared between people (think back to very early days of Facebook and Twitter).

Although, as soon as these communication channels became mainstream, streamlining efforts were introduced - specifically, "live updates" gave way to "scheduled updates". Here content is catalogued well in advance using publishing tools like Hootsuite (or sometimes posted automatically).

Despite this normality - there will be a resurgence of the spontaneous storytelling. The following triggers as responsible for this movement:

  1. A desire for brands to be perceived as authentic storytellers (consumers gravitate towards brands that are personable)
  2. The increasing popularity of live-streaming social channels like Snapchat and Periscope

This is not to say that content would no longer be organised, on the contrary, what we would see is companies participating in live updates as a way to stay current and react to real-life events. 

A "One-to-One" Messaging Strategy

While the initial social media messaging strategy was centred around the idea of being able to broadcast/communicate an idea from one brand to as many people as possible (one-to-all), we will notice the popularity of a "one-to-one"With the growth of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik and Viber, (and yes, Snapchat), brands will steer in the direction of adopting personable and engaging storytelling platforms

Popularity of Podcasts

The popularity of audio shows will be on the steady rise this year. Many brands are starting to invest in the power of the "internet radio".There are telling signs especially here in Australia where there's an incredibly keen interest in this medium of audio storytelling. A typical example is Mark Bouris' podcast (The Mark Bouris Show) has reached a total of half a million downloads.There are other success stories here at home, so expect brands to get in on the action.

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