3 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Help You Make Better Sales

Being a salesperson isn’t the easiest job on the planet. Hunting down an audience who will even listen to your pitch, let alone make a deal, is a tiresome process at the best of times.

In fact, the sales process is almost like the dating game. Once a seller has made the phone call (but has been greeted with voicemail) or sent off an email, they’re left hanging in quiet desperation.

Sometimes periods of struggle lead to a scarcity mindset, which sees the seller trying to pin their prospect down. Their mind starts planning and plotting: “I’ll send him the proposal as soon as we wrap up today. Who knows when the next opportunity will come along.”

Your potential buyers sense neediness a mile off, and much like your elusive moonlit romance, they turn and run, never to be heard from again.

However, with the collaborative casanova that is Inbound Marketing, you can significantly improve your sales strike rate.

Here are 3 ways that Inbound Marketing can make your job easier.

Know Your Offer

Consider a time when someone tried to sell you something that would’ve been more appropriate for your neighbour with children. Or perhaps you stopped to give a salesperson the time of day, and after a couple of minutes you realised they had no idea what they were talking about?

A lot of the time people aren’t sure what they’re actually selling, why it’s valuable and to whom.

If a seller doesn’t understand their product, or their audience, then they can find themselves selling ice to Eskimos.

Define your target market. Know your product. Understand what problem you’re solving.

A business with a solid inbound marketing team knows their value proposition, and they know who their ideal customer is. Both of these things support sales teams to be more effective in their sales pitch.

Once the buyer persona (or your semi-fictional ideal customer) has come to life, the sales team should familiarise themselves with every need, desire, aspiration and pain point they hold. Speaking to new leads, they should feel they know their story like their own, and tailor their conversation accordingly.

Working with your inbound marketing team can add greater value because then the entire company is in alignment.


Preparing Leads

It would be a salesperson's dream to have their phone ringing off the hook with buyers saying, “I want to buy!”

Alas, this doesn’t happen every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s a far-fetched dream.

Inbound marketing teams spend countless hours testing, creating and tweaking their products and services to generate quality leeds for the sales team.

Their entire marketing process involves working closely with search engine optimisation (SEO), they create savvy content, personalised content and offers, plus deliver killer landing pages. Inbound marketers do everything in their power to create awareness and then educate their consumers around particular offerings.

And then, potential buyers who have been enticed in by marketing's creative work, well they are now ready and eager to hear more. So when a salesperson makes contact, the sales process becomes a lot more authentic - and a lot easier because your buyer knows who you are, they’ve read a few of your emails (and are still on the list), which shows, they like what you’re putting out. If and when you do reach out, it won’t be a complete stranger making contact. They’ll be a little more relaxed.


Content Creation

Inbound marketers spend more than half their day brainstorming, researching, and being immersed in content creation.

They whip up blog articles, infographics, webinars, posts, podcasts, eBooks, social media content and white papers (amongst many other things), all in the name of drawing in new clients. Each one of these initiatives prepares prospects for the sales team.

Any good salesperson will see this wonderful palette of marketing all sorts as fuel for the fire. This content can be the very thing that ignites the sales process.

Rather than sending prospects the cold-hard pitch, aka a proposal, you can delight the customers taste buds with some fun and interactive content that your inbound marketing team has whipped up. Using all the tools available will help sellers build stronger customer relationships and potentially give you a chance to upsell next time around.

Remember: Have defined and clear targets. Keep your leads warm. Use the awesome pieces of content that your inbound marketing team create. By doing these 3 things, you’ll no doubt find the flow in your sales process and hopefully make many sales!

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