Blogging Tips for the Time-Poor Blogger

It seems the list of to-dos for marketing your business is getting longer and bigger. Among the compounding list of unread emails, the backlog of client proposals for the week and the small task of actually selling your product; a blog post feels like it might just send you over the edge.

Nevertheless, the people at the top tell you, “It’s gotta be done.” You just want to roll your eyes and ask “I mean really, does it? Is a blog post really going to up the search engine rankings and rallying in new customers?”

The short answer is “Yes!”

Your cries for mercy are just one among the many, so we’ve laid it out for you. We’re going to tell you the secrets for punching out that blog when you’re time-poor.

First of all, let’s get clear on why your company requires a blog in the first place.

Why People Read Your Business’ Blog.

  • To work out if they have a problem that needs a solution.
  • To determine if they an issue and if they do, educate themselves before contacting vendors.
  • To find out if your company, services and products are legit 

These three reasons should be encouragement enough for you to want to showcase intelligent content on your blog. Show your prospects that your business knows the industry - and that you know how to fix their problem.

Here’s where blog writers get all flustered. We didn’t suggest you need to write a 2000 word essay, that includes SEO best practice, is grammatically sound and follows the AP Style Guide. Of course, this would be optimal, but if these things throw you into a headspin, we know you will never write again!

The key factor is to create original and informative content. If you fuss over it being perfect, we’ll never get there. After all, Google ranking works by the number of web pages and blogs you have published - not how polished your writing skills are. Take the knowledge that you hold in your head and get it out to the world.

Okay, we know what you’re going to say, “…But I have clients who need 'ABC' and I don't have time to fit in blog writing!” We get it.

How to Blog When You Have No Time

Step 1: Seek an Editor

Bear in mind you are the expert in your line of work. We don’t expect you also to be an expert writer and SEO whiz. Hire, outsource or partner up with an Editor, preferably someone who understands content marketing. 

A good editor takes the pressure off. You can focus on writing, and they will polish up your work. You won’t have to worry about finding the best words nor concern yourself with witty, smart or well-structured copy. Your job is to get the core message out and onto the page - a good editor will do the rest.

Step 2: Download the Information From Your Head

First of all, let’s make some space in your mind - forget about writing a long-winded 1000 word article. That will just freeze up all the information in your head. Your mind will go blank, and you'll diagnose yourself with writers block.

The process is simple: Download your knowledge into a short article.

When you’re passionate about what you do and have lots of experience, you contain expertise that no one else has. Think about when potential customers come to you with questions, immediately you know how to answer them, right?

Well, it’s much the same here. Imagine that you are answering your prospects, just in written form.

4 Ways to Download Your Mind

Create a BCC email address

Every day, you’ll most likely be responding to client queries and questions via email. They can be very long answers or a 100-word reply. You don’t think twice about it. You read their question and respond accordingly. Marketers would commit crimes to access that knowledge!

All you have to do is take the content of your emails, sprinkle in a bit of SEO, hand it over to your editor for a final polish - and there you have it, a blog post!

Instead, of adding to your pile of to-do’s utilise the work you’re already doing. When you set up an email address that you can BCC, you can create a content bank of precious blog posts.

So when you’re summoned to write your next blog article, you can click on your BCC folder (which you should have created) and pick out a topic that excites you. All you have to do now is expand on what you’ve already written.

Evernote Plus has a great email account feature which you can use to send emails off to an online filing system. It also allows you to tag and sort.

Alternatively, if you’re worried that you might CC yourself instead of BCC, then talk to your IT specialist and ask them to create a company email address purely for your content. For example, it could look like or 

Get someone to interview you

Let’s face it; sometimes we don’t realise how much we know until someone asks us a question.

Think back to a time when a client rang, or you were in a meeting with a prospect, and they asked you an excellent question. It happens all the time. Most likely you answered their question without batting your eyelids. That’s because you’ve got a hard drive full of experience and knowledge tucked away in your brain. Questions are fuel for the perfect blog post.


  1. Compile a list of questions you get asked a lot. Find a colleague or friend to sit down with you for about 15-20minutes and give them the list. Ask them probe further with any question they may have from your answers. Record the conversation.
  1. Send your audio file to a transcribing service. There are a few on the market, Rev, however, is a recommended source, which also charge a couple of dollars per minute. Once you have the transcription, send it to your editor and have them work some SEO magic into it. Naturally, they'll edit it structurally and grammatically. Voila! You have a blog post.

Get Evernote Plus or Premium on your smartphone

Many brilliant blog posts begin at the most random times. It could be while you're taking a walk, in the car driving home, on the way to lunch or even when you’re out with a client at coffee. Those sporadic little light bulb moments are usually strong foundations for your blog.

Whatever you hear people/customers struggling with, or whatever you find your team bringing up in company meetings are all great fodder for blogs.

The problem lies when you witness those golden moments but forget or have no way of noting down your thoughts. The Evernote app can save the day with one push of the “voice record” button.

Once you’ve downloaded your thoughts, you hit Save and Evernote automatically uploads the recording to your account when you’re on WiFi. All you have to do is send the recording to a transcription service and get your editor to create a blog post out of it once it’s transcribed. 

Now You're Blog Ready

Now that you’re armed with the secrets to efficient blogging, you should be able to breathe easy. Instead of brushing off the opportunity to blog because it’s “too time consuming”, you know it’s not. Discover what tactics best help you download the knowledge you hold. Once you’ve got that sorted, find your wingman who’ll turn it into a smart piece of content for your business blog.

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