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Get a Marketing & Sales Strategy That Will Actually Drive Results

Digital sales & marketing is more than just newsletters, keywords and email workflows—it’s how you share your brand to the right audience in the right channel, all at the perfect time.

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Keep Moving Forward 

In this uncertain economic time, companies have to make hard decisions when it comes to marketing spend. Agency agreements may have to be cancelled, paid media spend slashed, or content creation may come to a halt, leaving your sales team with limited support in their efforts to drive revenue. 

Now isn’t the time to stop your marketing & sales efforts, it’s the time to get more strategic with it!

Our strategy creation process aims to de-risk your marketing investment by using data to identify, assess and select the initiatives that can drive significant growth for your business.

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    Current Marketing & Sales Audit

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    Buyer Journey Workshop

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    Brand Messaging Workshop

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    Strategy & Budget Creation

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    Detailed Strategy Presentation

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    Ongoing Digital Execution

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    Weekly Catch Ups

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    Agile Mindset


What Can You Expect From a Strategic Plan?

From changing how you deliver your services to how you communicate with your customers, making the shift to a virtual way of doing business can be daunting. Get the proven strategies and expert guidance your company needs to thrive in this economic climate.

It’s an intense, immersive process, but the results are priceless.

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"It’s a rare moment when you can say these words in business, but this is how we feel. As CEO I set a high bar, but the combination of their perseverance and the team's clear understanding of our vision and message has delivered both quality and quantity, on time and on point. My compliments and thank you."

Q Report, Founder & CEO

What Your Custom Strategy Will Include

Every Sales and Marketing Strategy we create for our clients is tailored to their specific needs and unique goals. However, every Workshop and Plan from Spinfluence includes:


Current Marketing & Sales Audit

The Audit process is a 4 hour-long workshop that brings together key stakeholders from your business and ours. We'll review your product/service offering, sales process and current marketing tactics to find opportunities in the market for what and how you can sell now.


Buyer Journey Workshop

You may already know your buyer journey, but given the current crisis it's more than likely been turned on it's head. We use this workshop as a way to gain and maintain an empathetic view of your customer's new world. We document key elements about them, like their struggles, goals, as well as likely questions or blockers when considering your service/product.


Brand Messaging Workshop

A lot of businesses struggle with their messaging, and with so much disruption, your messaging needs to change to talk to what your customers are experiencing now.

With that in mind, we’ll create a new messaging style for your brand, so you stand out from your competitors and most importantly create demand.


Strategy & Budget Creation

With the immersive workshops complete, it's time for us to develop your 12-month marketing & sales strategy. This go-forward plan is exceptionally detailed and includes all the sales & marketing initiatives we know will help your business to thrive and survive.

Your team can execute on the plan or alternatively, Spinfluence can look after the ongoing execution.


Comprehensive Strategy Presentation

During a 3-hour video call, we'll dive deep into your strategy and budget and walk you through all the planned initiatives in detail. This presentation will be recorded and your strategy will be delivered along with a time-bound launch plan.


Ongoing Digtial Execution (Optional)

Don't have an in-house team to action your plan? That's fine we can implement and manage your marketing efforts to make sure your goals are met. Ultimately, Spinfluence strives to become a trusted partner and an extension of your team. Operating as marketing & digital infrastructure in a variety of perspectives.


Weekly Catch Ups Daily Communications

We're big on accountability and believe a good flow of communication is necessary for success. You'll have direct access to our team via a private Slack channel throughout our relationship. Weekly video catch-up calls are a must if we're rolling your strategy for you.


How Much Does it Cost?

A Spinfluence Marketing & Sales Strategy starts from $15,000 and costs increase based on your growth goals and business size. There are no ongoing fees unless you wish to engage us to execute on your 12-month strategy.

Our digital sales and marketing strategies are designed to fit the needs of any small to mid-market business and the workshops allow us to really get to know each other while we're tackling your most pressing needs and working toward your go-forward plan.

If at any time you feel we are not the right fit for you and we've yet to deliver your strategy, you are free to cancel and receive a full refund.


You Asked, We Answered

Do I really need a new strategy?

You might not. If you have a solid strategy that's working for you - awesome! This might not be a fit for you.

But, just like many pro athletes have coaches that help them identify blind spots in their game, our strategic plans will pinpoint the areas of your business and strategy that can dramatically improve your results. 

Can I cancel and get a refund?

If at any time you feel we are not the right fit for you and we've not delivered your strategy, you are free to cancel and receive a full refund.

What size companies does this suit?

We generally work with businesses with 10 or more employees and cap out at around 300 employees. 

How many people from our team can be involved in the workshops?

Sessions are limited to 3 people if you have a larger team just let us know. 

What is the payment structure for the Fast Start Strategy?

50% of the project fee will be due upon signing your agreement and the balance will fall due when we present your strategy to you. 

When can we get started?

Getting started is easy - simply send us a message, request a meeting. From there we can commence your onboarding within 48hours.


Are you ready to get on the fast track to success? Let's talk.

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