The Mechanics of a Mobile-First Marketing Strategy

Mobile isn’t just big business, it’s most business. Consider the following statistics: 

  • By the year 2020, mobile’s share of digital ad spending is predicted to reach 73.7%
  • Time spent on mobile devices exceeds that on desktop;across the globe.
  • 82% of mobile users consult their phones when standing in a store deciding

Most businesses know that their prospects are searching, learning and buying on mobile devices, however, not every business understands that a mobile-optimised website doesn’t equate to an entirely mobile-first marketing strategy.

What does?

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What’s inside

In this eGuide, we outline how businesses can truly put mobile front and centre in their marketing activities, avoid the ‘app trap’, and make the most of their mobile audiences.

Chapters include:

  • Has Mobile Killed the Desktop Star?
  • Key Challenges in Mobile Marketing
  • What Does Mobile-First Actually Look Like?
“I wish I’d had this info a few years ago so our business didn’t have to play catch up. It’s packed with advice that will make sure your customers get the best experience possible”
Mobile Marketing

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Get the guide your way

Available in Web, PDF and Audio.