Maximise Your Technology Investment

There’s a difference between understanding how HubSpot works and getting the most out of the platform to achieve your goals faster.

Our 90-day tailored implementation and onboarding process provides much more value for our customers, as it completes the picture of how to maximise your investment, by exploring how your business presently works to determine how to streamline and improve your marketing from day one.

What You Need Know

Portal Set Up Within 48hrs

We'll lay the foundations for your future success with our systemised portal implementation. Our team of HubSpotters have been setting up HubSpot platforms for over six years.

90 Day Rollout

Engaging Spinfluence to onboard you with HubSpot will save you valuable time and money, and help you avoid costly mistakes.
Spend less time saying “I’m not sure” and more time growing your business.

One on One Video Coaching

Your strategy session, coaching and training workshops are delivered via video conference software. This approach allows us to show you visually how things work and why which accelerates the learning curve for you and your team. 

Custom Branded Assets

We’re big on brand and even bigger on conversion. We know that out of the box default email, landing page and blog templates simply don’t cut it.
Included in your 90-day plan are customised and branded marketing assets that match your brand and your goals

Campaign Support

Sometimes even experienced marketers need a nudge in the right direction. You'll get strategic campaign guidance with an inbound expert that will help you to launch your first inbound campaign within a month.

Private Slack Channel

We’re committed to open & fast communication flows, we ditch email in favour of Slack. You’ll have direct access to our team 5 days a week.


Get a feel for what your 12 weeks of onboarding might look like.

Week One


Kick Off & Technical Set Up

  • Kick-off call to learn about your business
  • We’ll get your team set up in HubSpot
  • We’ll configure your portal from the ground up
  • Setup your domain settings
  • Import your contacts into HubSpot*
  • Discuss integrations

Week Two


Marketing & Business Goals

  • Consult on business goals and priorities
  • Create a sales & marketing reporting dashboards
  • Identify your brands best potential marketing channels
  • Identify the ideal (free) HubSpot academy training sessions
  • Set up automated performance reporting emails 

Week Three


Personas & Customer Journeys

  • We’ll help you identify personas
  • We assist in creating your personas 
  • Learn about customer journeys & why you need them
  • We’ll create your custom contact properties in HubSpot

Week Four


Lead Generation

  • Embed your lead collection forms on your website
  • Setup lead flows
  • Create lists to segment your leads
  • Create automated lead alerts

Week Five


Database & CRM

  • We’ll set up lead scoring
  • You’ll learn how to create custom formats and lists
  • We’ll teach you how to segment your leads
  • Together we will build your deal pipelines
  • You’ll learn to customise lead status and deal stages
  • We’ll discuss sales automation

Week Six


Email Marketing

  • Discuss current email marketing 
  • We'll design a new custom brand newsletter
  • Development of custom newsletter template
  • Learn email best practices 
  • Create and send successful emails from HubSpot
  • Learn the email performance reporting tool

Week Seven


Automate Your Process

  • Determine what processes could be automated
  • Set up 1 basic follow up workflow
  • Help building your first workflow
  • We'll review your automation

Week Eight


Content For Conversion

  • You’ll learn how to implement a content strategy in HubSpot
  • Together we will identify a core topic and subtopics
  • You’ll discover blogging best practices
  • You’ll learn to schedule and monitor social posts
  • We’ll help you build a 3 month content strategy



Rollout & Support

  • Roll-out your first content offer
  • Build landing and thank you pages
  • Suggest a distribution strategy
  • Create CTAs and Smart CTAs
  • Fortnightly catch-ups
  • Slack support

Why Spinfluence?

We’re multi-award-winning, certified and invested in your success - we’ve been working exclusively in the HubSpot platform for over seven years.

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"It’s a rare moment when you can say these words in business, but this is how we feel. As CEO I set a high bar, but the combination of their perseverance and the team's clear understanding of our vision and message has delivered both quality and quantity, on time and on point. My compliments and thank you."

Q Report, Founder & CEO
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"The team at Spinfluence are awesome to work with and really know their stuff. They are willing to push the boundaries when it comes to getting the best out of hubspot!"

Travelport Locomote, Co-Founder
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  • Platinum HubSpot Partner-1-3
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Engaging Spinfluence to onboard you with HubSpot will save you valuable time and money, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

When can we get started?

Getting started is easy - simply send us a message, request a meeting. From there we can commence your onboarding within 48hours.

Is the cost spread over 90 days?

Yes, the payment is split into 3 easy payments which helps with cashflow.

How many people can be in the training sessions?

Training sessions are limited to 5 people, if you have a larger team just let us know and we'll provide a quote.

Do I have to pay HubSpot onboarding fees also?

If you haven't already purchased onboarding from HubSpot the answer is No, we'll arrange for the HubSpot onboarding fees to be waived.

What happens if we go over the 90-day plan?

We get it—sometimes life and other business get's in the way. We're ok to extend the onboarding period by 30days if required.

Let’s talk (on your terms)

When you reach out to us to schedule a time to chat or learn more about our onboarding, you won’t be inundated with endless phone calls and emails from eager sales reps. Instead, you’ll talk to Spinfluence Founder Nathan Butcher about your goals and circumstances. The process will only go forward if you think we might be a good fit for you -- it’s your call.

At a glance

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  • Video_IconSetting: Live Video
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