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We design websites and digital products that build forward-thinking brands and form lasting relationships with customers.


Tomorrow’s Websites, Delivered Today

In order to succeed in today’s connected world, businesses need a combination of strategic insight, design expertise, analytics, and development.

That is why Spinfluence complements its traditional consulting excellence with solutions - technologies and specialised teams to deliver your website that drives results.

Agile Growth-Driven Website Design

Rather than a fixed process of Design + Develop, our multi award-winning Growth-Driven Design program affords the flexibility to take an iterative and analytical approach to web design. This process is driven by consistent data-driven optimisation over time, resulting in a website that is a conversion powerhouse.

Project Based Website Design

Our tried and true one-off project based website redesigns are ideal for companies looking to get a site that delivers long-standing results within a relatively fixed budget. Our transparent process guides you through our Design + Development lifecycle with minimal stress and solid outcomes.

What is Growth-Driven Website Design?

Growth-driven design is a low-risk and strategic way to design your website. Whereas traditional website design projects are an all-in bet that require a large up-front investment, GDD is an iterative process of analysis, learning and improvement that spreads out your investment over time.

The ongoing website improvements you make throughout the GDD process are based on real user data. The result is a website that is continuously progressing and optimised for peak conversion.

A Framework For

Growth-driven design embraces agile methodologies to deliver websites that are developed with adaptability and flexibility in mind.

Our GDD approach is based on one guiding principle: digital experiences that people enjoy deliver higher conversion rates and create connections between a business and its audience.

Our process always starts with the user in mind, and through strategic design we deliver websites that convert, delight and future-proof your brand for years to come.


Kick-off & Discovery: We take a deep dive into your business, your website goals, and your current challenges to unearth your unique online opportunities. 

Research: We explore your competition, your existing assets, and your target audience to formulate an analytical and data-driven understanding of your website visitors.

Concept & Content: We present a design concept that is geared to achieve your website and conversion goals, which is backed by real data and unique to your business.

Design & Development: In collaboration with our specialised HubSpot Developers, our Design Team bring your website concept to life in the form of a strategic launchpad website.

Test & Launch: After rigorous user testing, analysis and learning, your launchpad website is pushed live and subjected to continuous monitoring. 

The Continuous Improvement Cycle: Once your launchpad website is live, it is continuously iterated and improved upon in response to ongoing user testing and conversion analysis. The result at the conclusion of your Growth-Driven Design program is a website that is geared for peak performance, as dictated by the visitors that matter most - your prospects.

Your Website,
Built For Business

Say goodbye to unpredictable online results. Spinfluence opens the door so you can close the deal - empowering you a website redesign that serves as an ongoing touch point throughout your entire sales cycle. Your new site will:

  • Raise your visibility in Google search results with both problem and solution-seekers
  • Appeal to all potential visitors in both content and web design
  • Immediately show visitors the fit between their needs and your offerings
  • Inspire people to ask for more information
  • Keep content current to incite repeat visits
  • Turn researchers into buyers as quickly as possible

Design +


Kick Off & Discovery: Reviewing your business requirements, setting website goals, discussing project timelines and key milestones, and understanding the problems to be solved.


Research & Strategy: Defining and closing gaps in knowledge through investigation and research of behaviors, needs, and motivations. Understanding competitive landscapes, markets, and industries to inform an effective project strategy.


Content & Planning: Marrying the results of the Discovery and Research stages into a cohesive project plan. Refining the functional requirements for the Design and Development stages.


Design: Applying the learnings from Discovery, Research, and Planning into a high-fidelity visual representation of the end product.


Development: Implementing the functionality decided upon in the Discovery, Research, Planning and Design stages. Internal quality testing and verification of feature completion.


Test & Launch: Reporting and resolution on any discrepancies. Accepting the product as final and complete according to specifications, and ready for release to its audience.


45 Day Support & Warranty: Ongoing support of the website after launch. This includes bug resolution and product training if required.


Digital Transformations


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